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The beautifully proportioned and traditionally styled 5.0kW Dartmoor W5 Eco wood burner and multi fuel stove models are both Defra approved for burning wood in UK smoke control areas and are also ClearSkies Level 5 rated for their outstanding ultra low emissions – which are significantly lower than those required by the tough 2022 Ecodesign emissions regulations. Clearly then the Dartmoor W5 is a clean burning stove to be reckoned with. Not only that, it's also highly efficient at saving money on fuel with an excellent UK tested A+ efficiency rating of 83.1% when burning wood.

Completely hand built in Devon, with a fine British cast iron door, the Dartmoor W5 Eco has a practical, highly controllable 5.0kW nominal heat output making it a great choice to comfortably warm a small to medium sized living space and look great in a larger fireplace. There are three separate combustion air controls which allow you to fine tune and set your desired flame height and heat output whether you're burning coal or wood. Dean Stove's renowned air wash system will keep the glass clean across the full width of the larger than average window to give you a mesmerising view of the flames wherever you are in the room. The door itself is almost the full width of the stove so that you can easily access to the whole of the fire chamber to precisely load logs of around 380mm (approx 15') long.

The Dartmoor W5 Eco is 135mm wider than the standard Dartmoor 5 Eco (hence the W in the model name) and thanks to its rear heat shield, which comes as standard, as well as its thick vermiculite lined firebox with additional base heat protection (also standard) it can be installed on a 12mm decorative non-combustible hearth. Dean Stoves, as an option, can also supply an extra rear double layered heat shield to further reduce the distance at the rear to combustible materials to just 50mm when twin wall insulated flue pipe is used throughout. When using the rear flue option or when the chimney aperture is awkwardly located, you can opt for the space-saving Back Box rear flue adaptor which will still allow the flue to be swept through the stove but at the same time will save considerable space at the rear over a traditional T-piece or swept bend.

The Dartmoor W5 comes in standard matt black but there are also eight other tasteful designer colours that you can choose for the paintwork to co-ordinate with your room's interior decoration. You can also upgrade to a stainless steel handle to make a nice contrast. Excellent construction standards, standout performance and exceptionally high efficiency have made the Dartmoor W5 Eco a very popular choice and when you actually see it in the flesh it's very easy to understand why. As you'd expect from one of Britain's leading stove manufacturers it comes with a five-year warranty.

For additional presence take a look at the 145mm (approx 5") taller 'high leg' version of the W5 which (for some reason) is called the Huccaby. For real energy saving practicality Dean Stoves have then added an oven and hot plate to the this and called it the Dartmoor Baker W5 Eco. With energyy prices being the way they are the Dartmoor Baker models have recently been selling, dare we a say it, like hot cakes.

3 Models - 5 ECO, W5 ECO, 8 ECO

ENERGY RATING: A+ Energy Rating

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